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St. Gemma of Galgani

(1878-1903) Age 25

Canonized: May 2, 1940 by Pope Pius XII

Received stigmata at the age of 21

Patron Saint for Students, Pharmacist, Children, First Communion and Physical Pain

Feast Day: April 11th

Life of a Saint Shrines

Commissioned by Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Kenosha, WI
Adorned with devotional beauty, each Life of a Saint Shrine is distinctively hand-crafted and storied around their extraordinary life. An eloquent meditation station to any church.

Life Story Features of St. Gemma

Elements incorporated into the shrine


HALO RAY GEMS BEHIND HEAD OF STATUE: It is unclear who gave her the name “The Gem of Christ” to St. Gemma, but it seemed fitting to integrate gem stones into St. Gemma’s  halo rays. Red gems also signify the blood of our Lord and the stimata St. Gemma carried through the last 4 years of her life.


HOST BEHIND HEAD OF STATUE: Ever since Gemma could remember, she longed to unite with Jesus, especially in the Eucharist in Holy Communion.“What would become of me if I did not dedicate all my affections to the Sacred Host? Oh yes, I know it Lord; that in order to make me deserve paradise in heaven, You give me Communion here on earth!”—St. Gemma


LOWER IMAGE BEHIND STATUE: St. Gemma’s love for the Blessed Sacrament, wherein Christ is truly present under the appearances of consecrated bread. Wheat is associated with being sown, fallen, crushed, and buried, but then springing up for bread to feed multitudes. These are all symbols of Christ’s passion, death, resurrection, and communion with his Church in the Sacrifice of the Mass.

Quaint Prayer Setting

Complete your shrine with relics, vigil candles, flowers and a prayer kneeler

Life of a Saint Shrines

  • St. Gemma Shrine Dimensions

    34"W x 56"H x 12"D — 86,36 cm W x 142,24 cm H x 30,48 cm

  • Materials

    Main Structure Solid Oak | Eucharist Halo Gem Metalworks | Oil Painted Wheat Field Background

  • Statue

    23" H (58,42 cm) Beautifully Painted Plaster. Sold Separately.

Life of a Saint Shrines

A Beautiful Devotional Feature for Any Church 0r Home

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© Prayer By Beauty 2022