The Altar of Calvary
“Calvary is His cathedral; the rock of Calvary is the altar stone; the sun turning to red is the sanctuary lamp; Mary and John are the living side altars; the Host is His Body; the wine is His Blood. He is upright as Priest, yet He is prostrate as Victim. His Mass is about to begin.” – Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen


What is the Altar of Calvary?
It is an extraordinary setting to witness the traditional Latin Mass literally offered at the foot of His cross

Graced by the crowning act of Christian worship, Cascio’s imagination intimately unifies God’s love for man in its purest form; an altar chiseled and embedded into the raw earthy stone representing Calvary; a place where our Blessed Savior offers Himself to His heavenly Father and our salvation; the same place where the beauty of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered, right at the foot of His cross. Mass at the Altar of Calvary becomes the most perfect prayer and all that it means. All that flows from it, and all that complements it.

Conceived within a church interior or outdoor setting

Tabernacle and altar embedded into the mound of Calvary.
Above is an image editing rendition from St. Joseph Oratory, Detroit by Stephen S. Cascio

4 Structural garden plans to choose from, the Altar of Calvary makes for a beautiful centerpiece for any community

Note: Cross in red indicates placement of the Altar of Calvary within plan

Altar Garden Plan

Open space

Shrine Garden Plan


Chapel Garden Plan


Cathedral Garden Plan


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