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Preparing the Way

St Michael — St John Vianney

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Vestibule Renovation

As you’re about to enter the church from the Narthex (vestibule), you are reminded and awakened by the large presence of what is dearly needed in the times we live in. Pedestaled to the left is St Michael, the leader of heavenly armies and the defender and protector against evil. (Feast day, September 29th) And directly adjacent is St John Vianney, the patron Saint of parish priest. (Feast day August 4th)

Individually, or together, they become powerful saints to pray to and help strengthen the church with the formation of good priest and to root-out evil in the world, our country and in our own personal lives.

Both of these traditional styled statues where property of the church, clustered among other statues in a small non-church setting and not predominantly viewed by most parishioners.  “I envisioned an engaging opportunity to showcase these two beautiful saint statues with the churches newly classical architectural features I established in the church’s recent renovation. As you are walking towards and passing between these two saints, they give forth a devotedness as you are entering the presence of our Lord.” Replied Sacred Artistic Director, Stephen S. Cascio

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